Dividend Policy

Glow Energy’s board of directors’ decisions to declare dividends are, (in the case of annual dividends being available), subject to the approval of shareholders at each year’s annual general meeting. Declarations of interim dividends, however, do not require shareholder approval.

Our board of directors’ current policy with regard to annual dividends is to recommend to shareholders that dividends be distributed in an amount not less than 50 per cent of our net income for each year. This amount is normalized by excluding net foreign exchange gains/losses, deferred tax revenues or expenses, and deducting all specified reserves, and is subject to our investment plans and other considerations deemed appropriate by the board.

The Public Company Limited Act (“PLCA”), requires dividends to be distributed from our net income. It prohibits dividend payments if our retained earnings are negative, even when a positive annual net income is recorded. The PLCA also requires that we set aside a legal reserve equal to 5 percent of our annual net income until our total legal reserve is equal to at least 10 percent of our total registered capital. This can reduce the amount of net income available for dividend payments.

As of 31 December 2018, our registered capital was THB 14,828.7 million, our paid-up capital was THB 14,628.7 million, and our legal reserve was THB 1,598.3 million. Our total unappropriated retained earnings (company only) as of 31 December 2018 were THB 13,061.9 million.

The Board of Directors of our other Subsidiaries can declare interim dividend payout, but must submit dividend proposals to shareholders for approval for distributing annual dividends.