Name of Debenture Glow265A The Guaranteed Debentures (Guaranteed from the Issue Date to 31 August B.E. 2564) of Glow Energy PLC. No. 1/2559 Due B.E. 2569, with the Issuer’s Right to Early Redemption
Rating A+ by Tris Rating Co.,Ltd
Distribution Private Placement to not more than 10 institutional investors
Issue Date 18 May 2016
Maturity Date 18 May 2026
Tenor 10
Issue Amount  3,000 MTHB
Offering Price 1,000 THB
Coupon Type Fixed
Interest rate (Coupon) 2.81%
Interest payment date Semi-annually
Registrar Siam Comercial Bank Plc
Debenture Holder Siam Comercial Bank Plc
Representatives Siam Comercial Bank Plc

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